Monday, 18 January 2010

Google Real-Time, SEO and Wyclef Jean

At the end of last year, Google introduced real-time search results. There’s since been a lot discussed about how real-time results, including Twitter posts and other social media sites, will influence Google’s rankings.

I’m not an SEO expert, just a casual observer, and I’ve only just come across a possible example of Google real-time making a noticeable difference in my search results.

Wyclef Jean has been all over Twitter recently. When I went online Wednesday morning, I woke up to tweets about what had happened in Haiti the night before and, using Twitter Search, I followed the story. Before I could see any other charity fundraising teams awake and online looking for support, Wyclef was running the conversation and leading the appeal for aide. He caught the public’s attention for his ongoing campaign for Haiti, and then caught it again after accusations about his charity. Through it all, he has been an integral part of the Haiti conversation, and now Google’s results are reflecting that:

Seeing Wyclef at that spot on Google could be demonstrating Twitter’s impact on Google’s results. Which leads me to this thought from Andrew Heaps, Head of SEO at Latitude, in Econsultancy:

And a final thought to ponder: will retweets become the new links?

What do you think?


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