Thursday, 14 January 2010

Book Review: The 50 Laws of Twitter

I’ve been thinking of ways to motivate myself to write here more, and I thought of perhaps trying to blog book reviews. Lou has a copy of Guy Clapperton’s This Is Social Media on her desk that I thought would be a great start, but something else came into my inbox before I could get my hands on it.

The 50 Laws of Twitter by Tremendous News.

The nature of social media means that printed books on the subject generally have a short shelf-life, and with e-books anyone can publish their ramblings easily, so they tend to become less relevant even quicker.

Many social media e-books, like Networking with Friendster for Business Success or Dave’s Guide to Everything Myspace, are pretty useless. They either become irrelevant within a week, or offer tips so obviously simple that if you can’t work them out on your own you have no business being online. “How can I stop receiving MySpace email notifications?” Really Dave? Really?

The 50 Laws of Twitter is different. It is by Tremendous News, the hilarious blogger who writes articles that are easy retweet fodder, while still being good. Written about in The Globe and The Times, Tremendous News offers insight into the internal thinkings of the “douchebags” and “hot chicks” of the social media world, as imagined by a lonely man, self-admittedly deprived of real-life social contact.

His book offers the kind of tips for Twitter that could have only come after sitting for hours with nothing to do other than stare at your Twitter feed, while becoming increasingly frustrated with the trends many of us get caught up in. But in his frustration, we benefit. Not only is it a great laugh, it is a great resource.

Enhanced by his illustrations, the Twitter rules along with his off-topic ramblings and examples, offer real guidance for those not social media savvy enough to figure it out. Whether intentional or not, his 50 laws of Twitter are actually well thought out practical tips that if more people read, Twitter would be a better place.

This e-book is probably the best thing to ever come out of an overweight, unemployed man who lives in his parents’ basement. Tremendous News can be found at I’m sure he’ll put details as to how to buy the e-book online soon.

If it means he’ll write another one, I sincerely hope this guy never finds a real job.


  1. "If it means he’ll write another one, I sincerely hope this guy never finds a real job"...or a social life for that matter!! Because if he does, we may lose him forever lol!! Long live Tremendous News---he is...Tremendous.
    BTW, good review, if I hadn't already purchased 50 Laws of Twitter...I would now.

  2. This review makes me want to buy this e-book again. Because that's just how good it is. The review, and the book.