Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Top five ways to keep learning outside of school

I kinda really liked school. Alright… so I may have complained about it the whole time while I was there, but look at how much fun I’m having in the photo below.

And it isn’t just the laughs I miss, I also miss the learning, as well as the challenges and growth that go along with learning. After leaving school, I have managed to keep some of that development alive. Since everybody loves lists, here’s my top five ways to keep learning outside of school:

5. Read
Pretty obvious. Keeping up to date with what’s going on in PRWeek or just reading the dailies are great ways to exercise your brain.

4. Webinars/Teleconferences
In this industry you can never be too far away from a phone or an internet connection, making these ideal to keep you PR skills sharp. In my experience, most are pretty dull, but there are some out there that seem worthwhile.

3. Keep in touch with your classmates and teachers
Through social media it is pretty easy to keep up with what is going on in your old school, and it is always really interesting to see how the curriculum is changing. I keep in touch through Twitter, and my school's own network on Ning.

2. Industry events
In Toronto I went to Third Tuesday, in London there’s events like NMA Live. With Tweetups and Meetups there’s always an excuse to get together with other PR professionals to chat about what is going on in the industry.

1. Blog
For your agency, your clients or yourself: blogging is a great way to keep you thinking about upcoming trends and cool ideas. I've only been posting at this blog for a week, but I am really enjoying it and hopefully will be able to keep it up.

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