Thursday, 29 October 2009

The death of the glosssy

The magazine industry is continuing to decline. Some are capitalizing on dead celebrities, other are trying to be innovative, but most are still putting out the same crap.

One trend that really confuses me is when magazines print memes and pictures that are making their way around the web. If I wanted to see LOLcats I'd visit I Can Has Cheezburger, not spend $4.75 at the corner store.

I think it is great when the commuter papers print the latest big internet thing because I can't spend all day on Twitter, and being able to catch up on yesterday's craze on the train is kinda nice. But with most people these days being online, magazines printing things long (in internet terms) after they already become overplayed doesn't make sense to me.

PS. Yes, that is a Czech magazine.

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