Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Canadian Community Newspapers Map

Here it is. My map of community newspapers across Canada.

I started to work on this a while ago, when I was in Canada. A client had some news to announce with a customer that was based in a remote northern town. It was a cute story and I thought I'd send the release to the local community paper. As many of the small newspapers had very little web presence, it was hard to track down the closest one, so I thought that a map would be a great solution.

But, I got frustrated with all the data and gave up on putting the map together. Yesterday Rosie came across my old files on her laptop, and being the spreadsheet wizard that she is, decided she would have a go at making it work for me.

Probably by now, someone has already made one of these. I know here in the UK, Gorkana have a regional mapping tool for publications. But this Google map is free to access, and hopefully of use to somebody out there.

Too see all the community newspapers, click to view in a larger map, then click through the pages of newspapers on the left hand side. They should be ordered by province.

View Canadian Community Newspapers in a larger map

PS. There is a massive hole in the map. La belle province is missing. A lot of the french addresses would come in as errors on the map, so I removed all Quebec newspapers as I try to fix the problem.

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  1. Nice - this can come in handy for pr and media folks. I will pass it on